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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I buying the official Cold Plunge?

Yes, we are Canada’s exclusive dealer of the revolutionary Cold Plunge ice bath. When you buy from the Wellness Shop, you’re buying the official Cold Plunge.

Why should I buy the official Cold Plunge?

The official Cold Plunge is rated the best overall cold-plunge tub by thespruce.com, a trusted home-improvement website with more than 32 million users per month. The website lauds the Cold Plunge Standard for its 

  • “attractive, self-contained design; 
  • “powerful cooling, sanitation, and filtration; and  
  • “water [that] lasts up to six months.”  

A review on mindbodygreen.com touts the Plunge’s sleek design, its sturdy, insulated-acrylic composition, and its easy setup. 

Can I put the Plunge outside?

Yes! The Plunge is designed to run in any environment. If it is extremely hot where you live, we suggest the Pro or XL model, because the chiller is more powerful and will be able to keep the water at the desired temperature—no warmer than the low 40s Fahrenheit—through the summer heat. If it gets freezing for long periods where you live, you’ll need our Hot & Cold Plunge to prevent freezing. We also have many customers who bring their units inside for the winter months.

How long or difficult is setup?

Setup is truly plug-and-play. All you’ll need is a sturdy surface on which to place the Plunge and (depending on the model) a dedicated, standard 15- or 20-amp GFCI 110 outlet nearby. Most of the setup time consists of waiting for the tub to fill with water.

Is the Plunge loud?

In our test, using a microphone in front of the Plunge, it was 53 decibels, and the Plunge Pro was 61. When the chiller is running, you’ll hear a fan. You’ll also hear the constant bubbling (not jets like a hot tub). The Plunge Pro’s fan is more audible than the normal unit.

I'm a large person. Will I fit?

We recommend considering the XL if you stand 6 feet or taller so that you’ll have ample room for easy submersion. You want to be able to dunk your head right away to activate the body’s natural-heating mechanism.  

You can use this image as a reference. 


How fast does the water cool?

Based on our indoor testing, at 72 degrees, the Standard cooled at 2.5 degrees per hour, the Pro at 8-10. 

Do I need to change the water?

No. Each Plunge comes with a robust filtration system that includes ozone and a 20micron filter. With our maintenance pack, you can have crystalclear water for at least 6 months. No more wasting water! 

How cold does the water get?

The Plunge gets all the way down to 3 degrees. No more bags of ice!

On the Hot & Cold Plunge, how fast does the water heat?

The water heats from 10 degrees to 39 degrees in around 12 hours at 22degree ambient temperature. 

What's the difference between the Plunge and the Plunge Pro

Standard Plunge
The Standard Plunge comes with a ¼ hp chiller. This is the model we suggest for customers who wish to put it indoors, as it’s quieter, and for those who intend to put it outdoors in a mild climate. The standard chiller will have trouble keeping the Plunge blow 50 degrees in hotter climates. 
Plunge Pro & XL Models
The Plunge Pro and XL comes with a chiller that is 3 times more powerful. This model is designed for people who are putting the Plunge outside in extreme heat and need extra cooling power. The Pro chiller will keep your plunge at the coldest temps, even in the hottest part of summer. 

We recommend that residential customers do not put the Pro or XL indoors due to the loudness of the chiller. 

Do ice baths work?

Yes, please read the research and benefits sections above to learn about how exactly ice baths work for your overall health and physical recovery.

Why do athletes take ice baths?

It’s important for athletes to find different ways to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Ice baths are one of the tools athletes may use as part of a recovery routine, as they reduce muscle soreness while maximizing muscle recovery. They also decrease inflammation and build resiliency. 

Are ice baths good for you?

Yes; there are so many benefits of ice baths. That’s why a variety of people use them for a range of purposes. Read more about it in the benefits section, above! 

Do ice baths help you lose weight?

Yes; there are many people—not only athleteswho use ice baths as part of a weightloss routine. 

Maintaining Your Water Quality

Your cold plunge is a great way to improve your health and well-being. In order to get the most out of your cold plunge experience, it’s important to maintain the quality of your water. Our cold plunges are designed to help keep the water filtered and clean, but there are a variety of factors that can effect the chemical make up and ultimately the quality of the water.

Poor water quality can lead to skin infections, ear infections, and urinary tract infections. It can also make you feel sick. That’s why it’s important to monitor and manage the quality of the water routinely.

Here are the water maintenance PDF’s to reference: 

Residential Water Maintenance

Commercial Chlorine Maintenance

Commercial Non-chlorine Maintenance


Water maintenance protocol

In this video we break down our water maintenance procedure and how to keep your Plunge sparkling clean when using our premium Sirona products. The Sirona Spa® System is the only chlorine-free, bromine-free product on the market. *Please Note – Surface Cleaner Sold Separately from Maintenance Package.

My Plunge has no power

Important information that can have a major impact on the power of the Plunge.
​If your Plunge is plugged into an extension cord it make sure it’s the 12-gauge, heavy duty outdoor kind. Anything rated lower than that can lead to power issues.
  1. Check the breaker switch on the power strip inside the electrical box.

  2. Check the GFCI outlet the Plunge is plugged into to make sure it has not tripped.
  3. Check the house breaker to make sure that has not been tripped.
  4. Plug the Plunge power cord into a different outlet.
  5. Test each component individually by plugging them into an outlet on their own.

Why is my water not cooling?

There are a few reasons that could be causing your water to not cool. Follow the steps below depending on what you are seeing.
A few things to keep in mind
  1. Use only a 12-gauge, heavy duty, outdoor extension cord if you use one at all.
  2. Leave at least 10 inches of space between the right side of the chiller and the closest wall or surface. Without adequate space, the chiller will not have proper air flow to work appropriately, and this will void the chiller warranty.
  3. Clean the chiller vents every no less often than every 90 days.
I have little if any water flow
Good water flow is a 3- to 4-inch stream with slight movement to it coming from the jets. Good flow is essential for the water to cool properly.
My chiller does not have power
  • Unplug your chiller from the power strip in the electrical box and plug it into a separate outlet. This can be the same outlet into which the Plunge is plugged. 
My chiller has power; it just won’t cool
Follow the below steps in order…
  1. Check the air coming out of the back of the chiller.
    • If the air is warm or hot, all is good.
    • If the air is cool air, contact customer service.
  2. Perform an Air Purge in case air is trapped in the chiller, causing it not to properly cool the water. (Click here to watch our Air Purge video.) 
    • Let the Plunge run for 2 hours to see if water starts to cool. 
    • Plug the chiller into a separate outlet if the water isn’t cooling. This can be the same outlet the Plunge is plugged into.
    • Test for another 2 hours. 

My Plunge has sprung a leak!

There is a chance your Plunge is not leaking; it might just have seriously sweaty pipes. If the waterline inside your Plunge has not dropped and you have not had to refill your Plunge, then it is most likely condensation. 
If you find you’re having to refill your Plunge, we’ll need to find the leak. Our team will be able to get your Plunge up and running much more quickly. 

My Plunge has little or no flow

My Plunge has less flow than normal
Follow these steps to resolve your low-flow issue.
  1. Check your pump settings.
  2. Make sure that you have a clean filter. A dirty filter will decrease water flow.
  3. Perform anAir Purge. Air can sometimes get trapped in the system, causing decreased flow.
  4. Commercial customers only; Clean out your commercial hair catch
  5. Clean out your pump.
    1. Blue pump cleaning video
    2. Hygger pump cleaning video
    3. Black pump cleaning video
  6. If your Plunge has had little flow, the chiller reservoir could be partially frozen, restricting your water flow.
  7. Do a deep clean. Sediment built up in the hoses can impede flow. We suggest a deep clean every 3 to 4 months. (Reference the deep-clean video as needed.
My Plunge has no flow at all
Follow these steps to resolve your flow issue.
  1. Check to see if your pump is getting power.
    • Check the power connections.
    • If that does not work, then unplug the pump from the power strip and plug it into a separate outlet. It can be the same outlet the Plunge is plugged into. 
  2. Commercial customers only: Clean out the commercial hair catch. (Do step 3 at the same time, while your Plunge is drained) 
  3. Clean your pump. There could be an issue with the impeller.
  4. If your Plunge has had little or no flow the chiller reservoir could be frozen.
  5. Do a deep clean of the system. Sediment built up in the hoses could block in the system. We suggest a deep clean every 3 to 4 months. (Reference the deepclean video as needed.) 

My power keeps tripping off.

Important information that can have major impacts on the power of the Plunge.
Standard Plunge must be plugged into a dedicated, 15amp breaker and the Pro into a dedicated, 20amp breaker. Having anything else on this breaker will lead to powertripping. 
If your Plunge is plugged into an extension cord, make sure it’s a 12gauge, heavy duty, outdoor extension cord. Anything rated lower than that can lead to power issues. 
Power-tripping assessment video: Run this test to see which component could be causing the power to trip. If none of the components is causing the power to trip, unplug the chiller from the power strip and plug it into an exterior outlet. 

Why is my heater not working?

The heater on your Plunge will turn on only when there is enough water pressure. Good flow is absolutely necessary for your heater to work. 
Good flow is a 3- to 4inch stream of water with slight movement to it coming from the jets. 
How to test to see if flow is the issue: Cover one of the jets to create more pressure in the system. If your heater turns on while you’re covering the jet, you have a flow issue. 
  • Pro tip: Low water level creates less pressure in the system. Making sure your Plunge is “full” can help increase pressure. 
    • Indoors, full is a waterline 4.5 inches from top. 
    • Outdoors, full is a waterline 3 inches from top. 
How to tell if your heater is working:
Flow is not the issue…
Plug your heater into a separate outlet. This can be the same outlet into which your Plunge is plugged. 
  • If your heater works plugged into a separate outlet, contact customer service and let someone there know. 


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