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Adjusting Your Cold Plunge Routine with the Seasons

Change of seasons from winter to spring and summer

Each season brings its unique charm to your cold-plunge routine.  

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your body and mind. Let’s explore how you can tailor your plunge practice to optimize the benefits of each season’s distinct characteristics. 

Preparing for winter: Increase your cold tolerance 

From “Brrr” to “Bring It On! 

Regular cold plunges are an excellent way to acclimate to colder temperatures. By gradually exposing yourself to the chill, you’ll find yourself more comfortable and resilient in colder environments, turning winter dread into winter readiness. 

Making cold plunges easier in winter 

Starting with partial immersion—dipping your legs, say, before gradually moving to full-body immersion—can make the transition into cold plunges smoother. Begin with shorter durations, around a minute, and work your way up. For beginners, a starting temperature of around 15°C is ideal, with a goal to slowly decrease to between 14°C and 10°C for optimal benefits. 

Nurturing your skin in cold weather

The dryness and low humidity of winter can be harsh on your skin, causing it to become dry and crack or flake.  

Surprisingly, cold plunges can be a savior for your skin during these times. The initial constriction of blood vessels followed by the subsequent rush of blood flow when you emerge helps nourish your skin with essential oxygen and nutrients. Cold water therapy can improve skin firmness and minimize pore appearance. 

Boosting immunity with cold exposure 

Regular exposure to cold water isn’t just a test of endurance; it’s a robust way to optimize your immunity. Studies have shown significant increases in red and white blood cells among those who regularly indulge in cold water immersions. This enhanced cellular function can improve your body’s resistance to illnesses and may even have positive implications for cancer survival rates. 

Combating seasonal depression 

Seasonal changes can sometimes dampen our spirits, but cold plunges offer a natural and effective remedy. The rush of electrical impulses from your nerve endings to your brain during a cold plunge can significantly lift your mood, increasing your energy, focus, and overall happiness.  

Embrace the seasons with plunge 

Are you ready to take on the seasons with a revitalized approach to wellness? Shop Plunge today! We’re here to support your health and wellness journey throughout the year. Take the cold plunge and feel the difference, season after season! Call us, at 855-873-3882


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